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    Dengue Viruses (DENV) DE Serotype 4

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    Dengue Viruses (DENV) - This family of aptamers was developed against recombinant envelope spike proteins from each of the 4 Dengue serotypes. Dengue viruses are enveloped icosahedral RNA mosquito-borne viruses of the Flaviviridae family which cause “bone break fever” and can progress into a lethal hemorrhagic shock syndrome.

    All OTC Biotech DNA Aptamers are available for $200 each (> 1 mg of desalted 55-72 base DNA unless HPLC purification is required) with 5’-primary amine, biotin or fluorescein (FAM) groups for an additional charge of $60. Other custom modifications, fluorophores, or purifications (HPLC or PAGE) are possible, but the customer should call OTC Biotech at 1-800-677-8072 to discuss such modifications. Each aptamer can be rehydrated in standard PBS (pH 7.2-7.4) or other neutral aqueous buffers for use in most applications.
Disclaimer: OTC Biotech's aptamers are intended for research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, consumption in or application to humans or animals for in vitro diagnostic, therapeutic, or any other uses. OTC Biotech does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Analyses and descriptions of the aptamers provided by OTC Biotech are for informational purposes only, are the result of observations by OTC Biotech, and are subject to change. The analyses and descriptions presented have not been cleared or approved by the FDA or similar government institutions. OTC Biotech does NOT guarantee that its aptamers are appropriate for every application, nor will they bind with all strains or variations of targets. Due to the highly specific nature of aptamers, OTC Biotech cannot predict nor be held responsible for how OTC Biotech aptamers will behave in your research. All sales are final - no refunds will be granted if the aptamer fails for your application or for any other reason. All OTC Biotech aptamer sequences are patented or patent-pending and cannot be remade, reverse engineered, copied, sold, offered for sale, transferred, or otherwise used except for research purposes without written permission or license from OTC Biotech.