How to Order Your Aptamers?

OTC Biotech has developed DNA aptamers against a broad array of small molecule and whole cell targets. The highest affinity and most specific aptamers are listed for each category. In some cases binding between the top aptamer choices was virtually identical. Therefore, all of the top aptamer candidates are offered for sale. Researchers are encouraged to purchase and try any or all of the candidate aptamers for their particular applications. Applications can include ELISA-like or “ELASA” assays, aptamer “Western” blotting, and cell or tissue staining. Potential users are encouraged to read the reference list below which contain suggested protocols.


Suggested Protocol References:

ELISA-like or “ELASA” assays References:

All OTC Biotech DNA Aptamers are available in unmodified form for $200 each (> 1 mg of desalted 55-72 base DNA) with a choice of 5’-primary amine, biotin or fluorescein (FAM) groups for an additional charge of $60. Other custom modifications, fluorophores, or purifications (HPLC or PAGE) are possible, but the customer should call OTC Biotech at 210-731-0015, ext. 2234 to discuss such modifications. Each aptamer can be rehydrated in standard PBS (pH 7.2-7.4) or other neutral aqueous buffers for use in most applications.

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Aptamer “Western” Blotting

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Aptamer Cytochemical and Histochemical Staining

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